About Us

Children are the smile of humanity. They deserve every opportunity to succeed.

Many of these children go to sleep hungry.  Many don’t eat breakfast before they go to school.

Many of these children walk barefoot because their parents can’t afford a pair of shoes.

A Christian-based environment


Children of Pure Heart was a project founded in 2003.  Our mission is to provide care, healthcare, education and general social assistance in a Christian  based environment to the orphaned and abandoned children living in extreme poverty.

Our beloved senior citizens are also a priority


Our Foundation also provides help to seniors who sometimes, are neglected or abandoned by their families.

We serve anyone in need, especially orphaned and abandoned children and teenagers.

About Our Founder

Rev. Norman Moran, seeing the great need in our society, and moved by the spirit of the gospel of Christ; has inspired many people to generously donate  their time and goods, and to care for those in most need, especially the children that are left as orphans or abandoned.

Born in Ecuador, one of the poorest countries in Latin America, Father Moran himself had experienced extreme poverty, child-work, immigration, and the lock of opportunities.  But thanks to his faith in God,  hard work, dedication, and the unconditional support from his family and the missionaries of Saint James Society, he was  able to become a Catholic priest.  His ordination came  with the commitment to help others as once he  he got help.